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Russia’s KGB Putin-Americans Sovietized.

Posted by Jesse on March 5, 2008

MP3 here. (43:13)

Antiwar Radio: Scott Horton Interviews Eric Margolis

Award winning author, columnist, and broadcaster Eric S. Margolis has covered 14 wars and is a leading authority on military affairs, the Middle East, South Asia, and Islamic movements.

Eric Margolis, foreign correspondent for Sun National Media and the American Conservative magazine, discusses the state of emergency in Pakistan, the history of the Musharraf dictatorship, his relationship with Dick Cheney, the return of Benazir Bhutto, her accusation that Musharraf was behind the recent suicide bomb attacks, the Islamists in Waziristan, the cause of their insurgency, Pakistan’s feudal system and the slim chance that crazies could get their hands on the nukes, the tension between Pakistan and India, the collision course coming this way as the Kurdish PKK attacks Turkey and vice versa, the U.S. and Israel’s policy of splitting off Kurdistan Iraq while simultaneously backing the Turks, U.S. support for Kurdish terrorism against Iran and the plan for long term occupation of Iraq.

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William Lind on the consequences of war in Afghanistan

Posted by Jesse on January 16, 2008

Side Effects
by William S. Lind

Read the rest here.

“As we observe the slow and increasingly certain disintegration of Pakistan, we should force ourselves to confront an uncomfortable fact: events in Pakistan are to a large degree side effects of our war in Afghanistan.”

“…We forced our friendly local dictator, General/President Musharraf, to line up publicly with George Bush, to the point where his local nickname is “Busharraf.” It is not intended as a compliment. Worse, we pressured him into sending the Pakistani Army into the Northwest Tribal Territories, where it has gotten its backside kicked at the same time that it has brought more tribesmen into the fight. Defeat plus destabilization plus de-legitimatization, most of it American inspired, has left Pakistan’s government teetering on the edge of disintegration, with a real danger that the disintegration could spread beyond the regime to the Pakistani state itself.”

“….President Bush’s senior national security advisors (Larry, Curly and Moe?) are debating whether to expand the authority of the CIA and the military to conduct far more aggressive covert operations in the tribal areas of Pakistan.”

“….Pakistan has publicly said no, but that won’t stop the Bushies. If the tribesmen soon have American captives to display, what little is left of Musharraf’s legitimacy will be beheaded along with them.

Again, the point to remember is that most of this is a side effect of the war in Afghanistan.”

“…Only Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich have dared suggest we might serve ourselves better by minding our own business.”

“…If Pakistan collapses, turning into another stateless happy hunting ground for al Qaeda and numberless other Islamic 4GW organizations, our position in Afghanistan will quickly become unsustainable.”

“…How will the Bush administration respond to such a cascade of unfortunate events? By doing what it plans to do anyway: bomb Iran.”

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