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Permit needed to sell Fruitcakes

Posted by Jesse on December 31, 2008

From Bah Humbug

REDDING, Calif. —  Shasta County health officials are cracking down on an 86-year-old disabled World War II veteran who has been selling homemade fruitcakes for more than a decade.

The Department of Environmental Health cites an obscure law banning food businesses in private homes.

Jack Melton of Redding gave away many of his pecan-filled fruitcakes. But health officials saw a small handmade window sign offering some for sale.

Health specialist Fern Hastings says Melton must use a commercial bakery that has passed a health inspection even if he gives his cakes to the public.

Melton says the 10- to 14-dozen fruitcakes he sold each year helped supplement his Social Security benefits.

But the retired electrician says at his age, it’s probably time to quit anyway.

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