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US policies exploit citizens, their prosperity, and the peace.

Posted by Jesse on March 13, 2009

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Public Opinion polls – %80 say gov’t acts without consent.

Posted by Jesse on February 17, 2009

Found this piece at Little Alex in Wonderland

– Rest of the video found here and here.

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Book for the times – The Death of Politics

Posted by Jesse on February 8, 2009

From Liberty, as it is

This is not a time of radical, revolutionary politics. Not yet. Unrest, riot, dissent and chaos notwithstanding, today’s politics is reactionary. Both left and right are reactionary and authoritarian. That is to say: Both are political. They seek only to revise current methods of acquiring and wielding political power. Radical and revolutionary movements seek not to revise but to revoke. The target of revocation should be obvious. The target is politics itself.

Radicals and revolutionaries have had their sights trained on politics for some time. As governments fail around the world, as more millions become aware that government never has and never can humanely and effectively manage men’s affairs, government’s own inadequacy will emerge, at last, as the basis for a truly radical and revolutionary movement. In the meantime, the radical-revolutionary position is a lonely one. It is feared and hated, by both right and left — although both right and left must borrow from it to survive. The radical-revolutionary position is libertarianism, and its socioeconomic form is Laissez-faire capitalism.

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Socialism: Contradiction and exploitation.

Posted by Jesse on December 23, 2008

Proof that collectivism is slavery:

V.I. Lenin : The State

July 11, 1919

Whatever guise a republic may assume, however democratic it may be, if it is a bourgeois republic, if it retains private ownership of the land and factories, and if private capital keeps the whole of society in wage-slavery, that is, if the republic does not carry out what is proclaimed in the Programme of our Party and in the Soviet Constitution, then this state is a machine for the suppression of some people by others. And we shall place this machine in the hands of the class that is to overthrow the power of capital. We shall .reject all the old prejudices about the state meaning universal equality-for that is a fraud: as long as there is exploitation there cannot be equality. The landowner cannot be the equal of the worker, or the hungry man the equal of the full man. This machine called the state, before which people bowed in superstitious awe, believing the old tales that it means popular rule, tales which the proletariat declares to be a bourgeois lie-this machine the proletariat will smash. So far we have deprived the capitalists of this machine and have taken it over. We shall use this machine, or bludgeon, to destroy all exploitation. And when the possibility of exploitation no longer exists anywhere in the world, when there are no longer owners of land and owners of factories, and when there is no longer a situation in which some gorge while others starve, only when the possibility of this no longer exists shall we consign this machine to the scrap-heap. Then there will be no state and no exploitation. Such is the view of our Communist Party. I hope that we shall return to this subject in subsequent lectures, return to it again and again.


One simple question: How does Lenin justify the contradiction in his Programme?

  1. We shall reject all the old prejudices about the state meaning universal equality-for that is a fraud: as long as there is exploitation there cannot be equality.
  2. We shall use this machine, or bludgeon, to destroy all exploitation.


Human Action

Ludwig von Mises

“It is a fact that no paternal government, whether ancient or modern, ever shrank from regimenting its subjects minds, beliefs, and opinions. If one abolishes mans freedom to determine his own consumption, one takes all freedoms away.”

Once the principle is admitted that it is duty of government to protect the individual against his own foolishness, no serious objections can be advanced against further encroachments.”


“For a long time men failed to realize that the transition from the classical theory of value to the subjective theory of value was much more than the substitution of a more satisfactory theory of market exchange for a less satisfactory one. The general theory of choice and preference goes far beyond the horizon which encompassed the scope of economic problems as circumscribed by the economists from Cantillon, Hume, and Adam Smith down to John Stuart Mill. It is much more than merely a theory of the “economic side” of human endeavors and of man’s striving for commodities and an improvement in his material well-being. It is the science of every kind of human action. Choosing determines all human decisions. In making his choice man chooses not only between various material things and services. All human values are offered for option. All ends and all means, both material and ideal issues, the sublime and the base, the noble and the ignoble, are ranged in a single row and subjected to a decision which picks out one thing and sets aside another. Nothing that men aim at or want to avoid remains outside of this arrangement into a unique scale of gradation and preference. The modern theory of value widens the scientific horizon and enlarges the field of economic studies. Out of the political economy of the classical school emerges the general theory of human action, praxeology[1]. The economic or catallactic problems [2] are embedded in a more general science, and can no longer be severed from this connection. No treatment of economic problems proper can avoid starting from acts of choice; economics becomes a part, although the hitherto best elaborated part, of a more universal science, praxeology.”

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Will Cubans ‘boo’ Barack Obama?

Posted by Jesse on November 25, 2008

CFR President Richard Haas writes: (emphasis mine)

The United States can play a positive role [PDF] in promoting the values of an open society with policies that support the greater enjoyment of human rights by Cubans and lay the groundwork for a pluralistic future on the island. This could be facilitated by increasing contact between U.S. and Cuban citizens (including Cuban Americans and their families) through reducing current Department of Treasury travel restrictions. The time is ripe to show the Cuban people, especially the younger generations, that an alternative exists to permanent hostility between these two nations and that the United States can play a positive role in Cuba’s future. Given this, the United States should initiate a series of steps, with the aim of lifting the embargo against Cuba. While increased trade might funnel more resources to the Cuban government and strengthen its short-term staying power, economic isolation has long provided Cuba’s authorities with a convenient excuse for many of the island’s core problems.

Richard Haas sure sounds like Ron Paul on this issue doesn’t he? Maybe that’s because it would be insane to continue down this destructive and unproductive path. The damage is done. If one wants to stay ahead in life this is the only desirable option left on the table.

Ron Paul writes in his Struggling for Relevance article:

One would think we would be able to survey the results of the last 45 years and come to logical conclusions.

Changing course never seems to be an option, however, no matter how futile or counterproductive our past actions have been.… Our isolationist policies with regards to Cuba , meanwhile, have hardly won the hearts and minds of Cubans or Cuban-Americans, many of whom are isolated from families because this political animosity.

The “Partnership for the Americas Commission“[PDF] drawn up by the Brookings Institution weighs in on this this logic as well:

U.S.-Cuban relations have disproportionately dominated U.S. policy toward the LAC region for years. Tensions generated by U.S. policies toward Cuba have affected the United States’ image in the region and have hindered Washington’s ability to work constructively with other countries. For this reason, addressing U.S. policy toward Cuba has implications that go beyond the bilateral relationship and affect U.S. relations with the rest of the LAC region more generally. Political change in Washington, combined with recent demographic and ideological shifts in the Cuban American community and recent leadership changes in Cuba itself, offer a valuable opportunity to change course.

This second video is Paul explaining his position that he proposed in the (above) debate. Note Paul’s sound reasoning and insight about this “valuable opportunity”.

And those at the GOP debate booed him because…? Oh yeah, it’s a Republican debate. Isn’t that Party that has been in decline and has been losing seats in the Imperial US Government? Wonderful. Now we’re really in trouble. The Dems have a lot of control and all the gusto they need by drawing off the “8 years of failed Bush policies.” That oughta give them cover for the whole 4 years (maybe 8?) of an Obama administration which, as we all should know by now, can do no wrong and has all our best interests in mind.

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