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Radically hating the State

Posted by Jesse on March 9, 2009

Last on the Colbert Agenda was an author, I missed his name, but he mentioned Joseph Priestley. He made the claim that Priestley and others were very influential in the beginnings of the American nation, despite the fact its not exactly a household name.

In Rothbards Do you Hate the State? he credits Priestley among others of being radical in a true sense of the word.

Perhaps the word that best defines our distinction is “radical.” Radical in the sense of being in total, root-and-branch opposition to the existing political system and to the State itself. Radical in the sense of having integrated intellectual opposition to the State with a gut hatred of its pervasive and organized system of crime and injustice. Radical in the sense of a deep commitment to the spirit of liberty and anti-statism that integrates reason and emotion, heart and soul.

Furthermore, in contrast to what seems to be true nowadays, you don’t have to be an anarchist to be radical in our sense, just as you can be an anarchist while missing the radical spark. I can think of hardly a single limited governmentalist of the present day who is radical – a truly amazing phenomenon, when we think of our classical liberal forbears who were genuinely radical, who hated statism and the States of their day with a beautifully integrated passion: the Levellers, Patrick Henry, Tom Paine, Joseph Priestley, the Jacksonians, Richard Cobden, and on and on, a veritable roll call of the greats of the past. Tom Paine’s radical hatred of the State and statism was and is far more important to the cause of liberty than the fact that he never crossed the divide between laissez-faire and anarchism.

This in turn recalled a book I read last year: The Betrayal of the American Right. In Chapter 2 Rothbard mentions Priestley, among others. He says:

The conventional historical wisdom asserts that while the radical movements in America were indeed laissez-faire individualist before the Civil War, that afterwards, the laissez-fairists became conservatives, and the radical mantle then fell to groups more familiar to the modern Left: the Socialists and Populists. But this is a distortion of the truth. For it was elderly New England Brahmins, laissez-faire merchants and industrialists like Edward Atkinson, who had financed John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry, who were the ones to leap in and oppose the U.S. imperialism of the Spanish-American War with all their might. No opposition to that war was more thoroughgoing than that of the laissez-faire economist and sociologist William Graham Sumner or than that of Atkinson who, as head of the Anti-Imperialist League, mailed antiwar pamphlets to American troops then engaged in conquering the Philippines. Atkinson’s pamphlets urged our troops to mutiny, and were consequently seized by the US postal authorities.

In taking this stand, Atkinson, Sumner and their colleagues were not being “sports”; they were following an antiwar, anti-imperialist tradition as old as classical liberalism itself. This was the tradition of Price, Priestley, and the late eighteenth-century British radicals that earned them repeated imprisonment by the British war machine; and of Richard Cobden, John Bright, and the laissez-faire Manchester School of the mid-nineteenth century. Cobden, in particular, had fearlessly denounced every war and every imperial maneuver of the British regime. We are now so used to thinking of opposition to imperialism as Marxian that this kind of movement seems almost inconceivable to us today.1

See the article on

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Finally! An explanation for the economic crisis!!

Posted by Jesse on February 6, 2009



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Libertarians Elected, Austrian Economics Vindicated

Posted by Jesse on February 2, 2009

On knowing Austrian Economics and the Market [MP3]

See Rockwell’s Archives and latest book: lrs[Scribd][PDF]


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my maine state convention comments reproduced (copy/paste)

Posted by Jesse on May 5, 2008

advice to future conventions goers. spend your time focusing on what is profoundly different about ron paul. make them think. ask for the people’s support. tell them why we need their support. others will come and help if they can better understand why we support ron paul. no one else is telling them. the party line is being shoved down everyone’s throats. the conventions goers will support you. the real conspiracy is that “they” who ask for “party unity” are telling people that the paul people are trying to “disrupt” or “take over” the conventions. the truth is that we need help. we want their support. “they” are claiming we are outsiders. that is the real conspiracy. this couldn’t be farther from the truth. let them know that this is not about “party”, it is about the state of the nation.

taken from
good job paul people. there are more people that would support you all. i can see now why people don’t want to waste their time at such an event. the party line business is a threat to the nation.
democrat or republican? doesn’t matter at this point. how bad will things get? what is it that will bring some people together to tackle the pressing issues? i think ron paul better represents the precipice for such a notion than any of the top 3 candidates.

party unity? what hacks. none of the three have my vote. they can all get what’s coming to them. why subsidize bad behavior?
the (R)s failed miserably in representing their principles they claim to uphold. and succeeded greatly in being seduced by fear and manipulation. i know if they had more facts they would make a better choice. i can’t believe that they are content with the same old leadership, that delegate list is just plain insanity.

outside politics, as neighbors, you’ve got my support. within the party realm you can all bite me. that convention was representative of a sickness. cleanse yourself. open your ears. do whats best for the nation, all nations, and be good republicans, not party hacks.

the only two threats i heard mentioned at the convention were terrorists and democrats. that’s real intelligent. humrous, but ignorant. hence, that what we’ll get for leadership. sound like george bush al over again. “people get the government they ask for.”
why is it that the one man whos top contributors come from the army, navy, and air force not the republican candidate? why is it that the one man who votes according to the consitution every single time isn’t good enough?

i’ll tell you why. because the powers that be shut him down. the “liberal media” shut him down. most people didn’t get to hear him until it is now too late. and the nation is going to hurt because of it.

why is it that the one man who can actually explain what’s happening financially in the world and would actuallly reduce spending shown to the side door?

because the republican party at that convention sacrificed truth for unity.
[some guy wrote]
Since they couldn’t take
posted by PatrioticDelegate

Since they couldn’t take over the GOP, maybe they can try at the Democratic convention next. They’re all really Libertarians anyway.

[my response]
libertarian=small government

ronald reagan: “”If you analyze it, I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.”

as Ron Paul says: “The Constitution is very libertarian. The Constitution was meant to restrain the government and not restrain the people.”

Besides. Hasn’t Ron Paul been elected as a republican for every term that he has served? Hasn’t he recieved more campaign cash from active military servicemen than any other candidate? Why do you suppose that is?

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Ron Paul smear campaign….continues….

Posted by Jesse on January 17, 2008

“If we have to use force, it is because we are America! We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall, and we see further into the future.”
~ Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

writes Steven LaTulippe:

“The first step is already in play. The establishment will start by simply ignoring him, by using its power in the mainstream media and their influence over campaign donors. If possible, they will find ways of excluding him from the debates.

This strategy is already failing. The internet and talk radio are outside the elite’s direct control and are being used effectively by Rep. Paul to “get the message out.” (And mark my words, sooner or later the oligarchy will come for the internet. This medium has been a royal pain in their derriere from day one.)

If this strategy fizzles, the establishment will move on to ridicule and fear mongering. Ron’s ideas will be grotesquely distorted in establishment media “hit pieces.” They’ll say he wants to permit heroin use in public schools, or that he wants old people to die in the streets without their social security checks, or that he wants to allow greedy industrialists to dump toxic waste into our drinking water.

The next arrow in the oligarchy’s quiver will be scandal – real or fabricated. Usually, this takes the form of pictures, billing records, etc. involving financial or sexual hi-jinks. For folks with the right motivation and abilities, it would be child’s play to implicate him in some sort of phony ethical, moral, or financial skullduggery (e.g., doctored pictures, sordid media accounts from “eyewitnesses,” etc.)”

“……Has America become so politically egocentric, so utterly consumed with its own cultural fetishes, that we could tolerate watching those who perpetrated the Iraq atrocity (or who supported it) smear a decent man for inadequately supervising a newsletter?

If Ron Paul’s candidacy is now tainted for (allegedly) slandering people of color, what should be the political punishment for Giuliani, McCain, Romney, and others who supported mass death and dismemberment of a third world country?”

read the rest here
previous article Ron Paul and the Empire

i mentioned the smear campaign on Ron Paul back in may on this blog. but it frustrated me so much i couldn’t even finish the thought. it was a pointless youtube video talking about term limits.

of course, at that time it was hard to find much on the guy, now he’s everywhere. so, naturally there will people who disagree. even to the point of trying to smear him like a bug.

the truth is that the “newsletters” are real. the truth is that ron paul’s name was on them.
the question is one of negligence and oversight. it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

obviously, if you’ve taken any time to sift through this “blog” you will find my support for the man hasn’t exactly waivered even though these accusations disturb me. i have to defend the guy through all of it. that’s distressing. but i’m willing to do it because i am not racist, and i believe in the ideas paul is talking about. especially in comparison to any of the other candidates.

i mean really. people are so curious as to why people would defend this man with a story like TNR’s. i ask myself the same question. and it’s quite simple. i just believe that the idea of individual liberty is at the heart of what makes america great. a justice system based on this idea discourages racism. (of course, it can only do that so long as people work to enforce the laws, not just make new ones. i agree with lysander spooner and other abolitionists. the basic laws in this country, the constitution/bill of rights, if properly interpreted and enforced do not allow for slavery) people may still talk, think and feel racist. but acting on those impulses is another story altogether. i mean, if ron paul is elected, do people think slavery will come back? or what? i mean, are they really claiming that ron paul is a liar to the unpteenth degree? do people really believe that he would spend his time talking about freedom, peace, individual liberty, fighting statism, and be a closet racist? if they do i just think they don’t know much about him. and, because of their disgust over the subject they probably won’t take the time to read or listen to what the man has to say. besides, in matters of racism, how you are going to erase the idea from people’s mind? i think it’s a matter of education. and i don’t hear ron paul encouraging racism.

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