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Libertarians Elected, Austrian Economics Vindicated

Posted by Jesse on February 2, 2009

On knowing Austrian Economics and the Market [MP3]

See Rockwell’s Archives and latest book: lrs[Scribd][PDF]


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Principles in Ethics and Property

Posted by Jesse on October 27, 2008

The Economics and Ethics of Private Property by Hans Herman Hoppe

(Review: by David Gordon)

"Do not steal" is an excellent principle of ethics; it is also the first principle of sound economic systems. Hans-Hermann Hoppe elaborates on the sociological implications of this truth. And this is his great work on the topic.

[my notes on this 16 min video intro by the author Hans Herman Hoppe]

central themes of the book

·economics as a moral science.

private property has almost disappeared from economics, although its still an implicit concept by the very nature of exchange.

·attempt to reintegrate ethics and economics; there is a difference between value free positive economics and ethics as a normative discipline (theoretical and applied examples)

[axiomatic ethics: a priori of argumentation, i.e., denying argumentation is impossible. economics (mises): axiom of action, i.e., not acting is acting]

Ethics assumes the ideal of avoiding or mitigating conflict

Scarce resources requires rules of exclusivity

  1. Self Ownership is fundamental
  2. Right to unowned resources

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Secular Ethics (UPB)

Posted by Jesse on October 26, 2008

Stefbot’s Intro, or “Summation”, that describes the relationship involving the mind, material reality, and the concept of truth.

  1. Since material reality behaves is a rational and predictable manner
  2. A statement that is true must describe something that is objective rational and predictable
  3. Those thoughts which are designed to define truth must be objective rational and predictable.

Molyneux concludes Ethics Reloaded! with a definiton of morality

  1. Any theory that attempts to describe and define universally preferable behavior.
  2. Judged as ‘true or ‘false’ first by internal consistency, and then according to general evidence.

Find a whole lot more on politics to philosophy to psychology to economics to relationships to religion at

Youtube channel here.

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