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Americans forced to buy great investments

Posted by Jesse on February 11, 2009

The “free market” fraud exposed.

Listen to the author, Thomas Woods, explain why the free market is not guilty as charged.

Click for an explanation

Click for an explanation

I wrote a book for the layman explaining what really happened to the economy, who the true culprits are, and why the free market is the only approach that hasn’t been tried. It’s called Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse, and it was released yesterday. My publisher has made a free chapter available for download.

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a rant.

Posted by Jesse on March 9, 2008

First of all, I am not sure why comments get turned off but…anyway…

I can’t believe the American people. How disappointing. I know that the corporate media has done a lot to keep some of the best candidates out of the lime light because ‘they’ think certain candidates are ‘fringe’ or ‘can’t win’. But the people are seeing this injustice now more than ever.

And people want change. Or experience. But what change, and what kind of experience? What about knowledge and insight?

One has to wonder why a man that has been right about the “war” and the economy isn’t listened to?

Some people strategize on how to win the general election. The democrats have said they are happy with McCain or Romney, or even Huckabee for that matter. They are confident the Democrats will seat the next President. I happen to agree. But considering the problems we face as a nation I do not think that either Obama or Clinton are the best choices. Maybe at a time in history when we could afford to be liberal, maybe. But right now we have recession, maybe depression. We also have war, and “terror”. Not one candidate left has addressed these issues with as much honesty or insight as Ron Paul. Yet we as a nation are not willing to look past our prejudices and bias to admit that we have made mistakes and its time to correct them. The people are the ones who suffer and we should make sure that they are the ones who have the most authority in their lives about the decisions that need to be made. Only Ron Paul is talking about making the issues more localized and thereby empowering the people. How is that impractical? Can government make me compassionate? I don’t buy that.

There is so much to talk about and address. But what he says is so true. Are they not? Explain to me please how we can address the critical issues, yet continue to ignore this congressman?

Obama is not going to bring the troops home. He is going to redeploy them. So will Clinton.

Both are going to spend lots of money. All the candidates will. Only Ron Paul will reduce ’spending’. With a debt of 50 trillion plus, I would think this would be a priority. The people continue to ignore this at their own peril. Of course they could use the help of a leader to explain the problem we face. Ron Paul is not telling anyone what to do. He is only trying to educate them. Lets hope they elect a teacher this time around, not a dictator or micromanager.


i do want to specify what i mean by my reference to the “people” and my disappointment at the beginning of this post.

i know that we do the best with what we know and what we have. and we have disagreements about the best ways to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. and that’s just the point. to claim that “free markets” are responsible for what we are facing today is patently false. free markets are just an ideal that people strive for in general. a free society is made of voluntary associations and the like. but today in america we have managed trade domestically and internationally, for decades we have had the welfare state, and also the warfare state.

government sponsored enterprises (GSE) like fannie mae (FNMA: federal national mortgage association) finances 1 out of every 5 home loans in the US. Why is this important? this type of business has been going on since 1938. The VA (Veterans Admin) and FHA (Federal Housing Admin) enabled Fannie to expand its purchasing and lending abilitiy.

During Lyndon Johnson’s time in the late 60’s Ginnie Mae (GNMA: Gov’t Nat’l Mortgage Assoc) came into existence and also converted Fannie in to a semi private corporation.

The list goes on concerning this critical market in the economy here in America.
Essentially, the importance in all of this is the fact that we are talking about corporations “chartered by states” that have intervened in the “free market”. Guaranteed by government businesses have a different set of rules applied. The same dynamic can be applied to any type of “welfare” program, not just for corporations. Can anyone describe what a fascist government is? Mussolini said it should be called “corporatism” not fascism.

Maybe one might want to ask why fannie mae stopped filing its financial statements with the SEC in 2004.
And why did Greenspan step down just when things were about to hit the fan?
This economic problem we face has been coming for quite a while.

People are all fighting in Washington DC for a cut. Much of this money should never have gone to DC.
To add to the complex issues we face the Federal Reserve. A semi-private banking system that “monetizes debt”. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. Talk about profits. Their assets are in the trillions. Meanwhile, they claim to fight inflation. Not only that. Central banks are international. Our money is fiat. This means that our money is subject to political whims. Not the market.
And central banks are international.

this is why ron paul gets so much flack. not just from the establishment, but from the generations of people that have grown up in this america we see today. how can ron paul’s ideas work? what would we do without social security, or the income tax, or the federal reserve? and in response one can ask, what good have they done?

only true monopolies can exist with government enforcement. a free market enables the people to have more influence in their lives. once a government program has been initiated does it ever go away? spending is the major issue today, not one person except for ron paul is going to deal with that issue.

im sorry, but we can’t have our cake and eat it too. not when we don’t even have the ingredients to make the cake.

it’s time for a change.
i am young, i want to shape my own world. this involves not supporting an institution that is currently failing in its promises. if we, the coming generations can’t do it….
it’s all about freedom.

disclaimer. i am not an essayist. i am ranting.

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