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Self-ownership – Not a “politically correct” concept

Posted by Jesse on February 17, 2009

The latest podcast feed is better than the originals. Episode 2 – Self-ownership spells out the logical foundation for individual liberty.

This seemingly self-evident idea is one of the core reasons libertarians are so confident that people generally are libertarian at heart, even if the ideas aren’t applied consistently to other social/political issues.

Kane, er…Citizen X does a good job of keeping the libertarian case simple to understand. Learning how to apply the concepts of power and responsibility in our personal lives is the hard part.


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Libertarians Elected, Austrian Economics Vindicated

Posted by Jesse on February 2, 2009

On knowing Austrian Economics and the Market [MP3]

See Rockwell’s Archives and latest book: lrs[Scribd][PDF]


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Drug War creates orphans. 1.5 million children with 1 or both parents in jail.

Posted by Jesse on January 5, 2009

Barry Cooper talks about current drug laws and the criminal justice system causing more harm than the drugs themselves.

Call-in show with Barry Cooper. Free Talk Live interviews former Narcotics Officer now “turned to the good side and working against the current drug war.”

Also, don’t miss Ian and Mark talking about the the Liberty Forum (@roughly 50 minutes in). I attended the first one in 07 and would highly recommend it to anyone

Here Ron Paul is at the ’08 Forum.

He mentions young people: For the record, I am 28.

My brother is younger than I and has much more understanding of the issues. He pointed out very succinctly the exact significance of Ron Pauls Campaign: It is the first time in America’s History that a Presidential Candidate adhered to both Libertarian Principles and Austrian Economics.

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