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US agents caught in car bombs. 1 million Iraqi Civilians dead since 2003

Posted by Jesse on March 9, 2008


Unembedded reporter Dahr Jamail discusses the continuing quagmire in Iraq, how the “surge” was just to appease Americans and buy time, how the decline in murders is due to the ethnic cleansing being complete, U.S. support for Iraqi separatists, U.S. claims of Iranian meddling in Iraq while we have over 300,000 occupiers and possible consequences for U.S. troops in Iraq in the event of war with Iran.

Listen to the interview. (26:59)

In late 2003, Weary of the overall failure of the US media to accurately report on the realities of the war in Iraq for the Iraqi people and US soldiers, Dahr Jamail went to Iraq to report on the war himself.

His dispatches were quickly recognized as an important media resource. He is now writing for the Inter Press Service, The Asia Times and many other outlets. His reports have also been published with The Nation, The Sunday Herald, Islam Online, the Guardian, Foreign Policy in Focus, and the Independent to name just a few. Dahr’s dispatches and hard news stories have been translated into French, Polish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and Turkish. On radio as well as television, Dahr reports for Democracy Now!, the BBC, and numerous other stations around the globe. Dahr is also special correspondent for Flashpoints.

Dahr has spent a total of 8 months in occupied Iraq as one of only a few independent US journalists in the country. In the MidEast, Dahr has also has reported from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Dahr uses the website and his popular mailing list to disseminate his dispatches.

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The Republican Party is a horror movie!

Posted by Jesse on January 15, 2008

Rock on Scott Horton and Justin Raimondo!!

[Antiwar Radio: Justin Raimondo 41:23 5/16/07’s Justin Raimondo discusses Dr. Ron Paul’s performance in the second GOP presidential debate May 15th, what it reveals about the corruption of the Republican …]

Scroll down to May 16th for this interview. Click here.

Horton has a great show with a huge variety of guests from the whole spectrum.
CIA, investigative reporters, law professors, etc. Take a gander. It rocks.

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Democracy Now guest excludes Ron Paul.

Posted by Jesse on December 8, 2007

Johnathan Schell, author of “The Seventh Decade: The New Shape of Nuclear Danger”, was on Democracy Now today, Dec 7th, 2007.

I found very unfortunate that people make comments without knowing the facts or just leaving them out just so they can advance their own ideas.

He said no one on the Republican side supported Reagan’s nuclear abolitionism.

I will admit that I don’t know the extent to which Paul stands on nuclear issues. But I do know that he doesn’t think we should build more. And that we should not use a nuclear first-strike.
No other candidate, Republicans or Democrats, beyond Kucinich, have made that claim.

If she wishes to truly promote fair and balanced reporting, Amy Goodman should be aware that she missed a great opportunity at some objective journalism.

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