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It is a revolution, get used to it.

Posted by Jesse on February 14, 2008

Now y’all can’t tell me nothins goin down in the good ole USA.
It’s called ‘the establishment’ as it is, soon to be as it was.
Yes, we want change. But I am not going to rely on Obama.
Ron Paul is tha man and he’s leadin the charge.
Thank you for running, and thank you for voting!!

How often do the people’s of the world have a chance to have a ‘peaceful’ revolution by using the system?!

It’s time to put the freedoms we have in this country to good use while we still can!!
See y’all in DC to march for liberty and Ron Paul 2008!

February 14, 2008

How did the Ron Paul Congress Do in MD?
Posted by Nick Bradley at February 14, 2008 08:22 AM

According to the Freedom Democrats Blog, the nine Ron Paul Republicans running for Maryland Congressional seats did pretty well and won four out of the seven primary races:

Joe Arminio, 2% in the Republican Primary in the Maryland 1st. Lost.
Richard Matthews, unopposed in the Republican Primary in the Maryland 2nd. Won.
Christopher Panasuk, 15% in the Republican Primary in the Maryland 3rd. Lost.
Robert Broadus, 22% in the Republican Primary in the Maryland 4th. Lost.
Michael Starkman, 26% in the Republican Primary in the Maryland 4th. Lost.
Peter James, 39% in the Republican Primary in the Maryland 4th. Won.
Collins Bailey, 44% in the Republican Primary in the Maryland 5th. Won.
Mike Hargadon, 73% in the Republican Primary in the Maryland 7th. Won.
Jay Roberts, 12% in the Republican Primary in the Maryland 8th. Lost.

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I’ll be down on Main St in Bangor, Maine

Posted by Jesse on January 16, 2008

You’ll see signs for Ron Paul HQ. I’ll be volunteering, chatting, and soliciting.

Some friends and I are planning on having a rally, probably on Jan 31st. Date as yet to be announced. We want to pump up before the caucus on Feb 1,2,3.

Come on down and have some coffee and a bite to eat. We just rented the space out today so it will be a couple days before we are completely setup.

Man I’m going to practically be living in that place for the next two weeks I think. We will se how many people we can commit to show up as delegates.

Any ideas?

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Mark Shield’s excludes Paul.

Posted by Jesse on January 12, 2008

Or maybe he just didn’t think Paul’s response was newsworthy. I guess he views Paul’s position on Iraq as unimportant and insignificant just like all those other guys at the Fox Debate.
Jim Lehrer asks:
Mark, what struck you as the most important thing that happened in this debate last night?

MARK SHIELDS, : Nobody landed a punch on John McCain.

Did he forget about the altercation between Ron Paul and John McCain?
Maybe it was too soft for him. Afterall, Paul is much more respectful and gracious towards his colleagues. Should he dissolve himself of his manners just to get some attention for once?
Of course not. Should people listen up? Absolutely.

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