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Iraq Veterans to testify in DC

Posted by Jesse on March 4, 2008

Patriot missiles: Iraq Veterans Against the War
After Vietnam, American veterans testified to the atrocities they witnessed. Now soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are about to do the same

This month, for four days in Washington, DC, beginning on March 13, there will be a second Winter Soldier gathering – 37 years after the first. Organised by the protest group Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), US veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan since the 9/11 attack on New York will testify about their experiences. They will present photographs and videos, recorded with mobile phones and digital cameras, to back up their allegations – of brutality, torture and murder.

The veterans are not against the military and seek not to indict it – instead they seek to shine a light on the bigger picture: that the Abu Ghraib prison regime and the Haditha massacre of innocent Iraqis are not isolated incidents perpetrated by “bad seeds” as the military suggests, but evidence of an endemic problem. They will say they were tasked to do terrible things and point the finger up the chain of command, which ignores, diminishes or covers up routine abuse and atrocities.

Some see it as their responsibility to speak out – like Jason Washburn, a US marine who did two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq; Logan Laituri, a US Army forward observer in Iraq; and Perry O’Brien, an army medic deployed to Afghanistan in 2003. They believe that, as veterans, they are the most credible sources of information. They say they were put in immoral and often illegal positions. They will speak about what they saw, and what they were asked to do.

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Posted by Jesse on February 14, 2008

obama_was_against_the_patri.jpginvade_pakistan_obama.jpgdont_you_get_it_the_democra.jpgold-left-new-right.jpgyoure_going_to_be_very_disa.jpgwhat-good-fortune-hitler.jpgread-the-constitution.jpgfull_mb00453.jpgfull_mb00574.jpgindividual-liberty.jpgoneofthehardestparts.jpgyou-cant-even-name.jpgNotice Ron Paul is the only one with a NEGATIVE number!!! spendingntu-thumb.jpg

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you don’t even know what change is.

Posted by Jesse on February 10, 2008

 i am a republican delegate that will go to the maine state convention in may.we had 3 people show up at the town caucus.and…..i have just returned from a democratic caucus in mytown.there were about 25 people there.nearly half gave a speech about the democraticcandidates.not one person ever mentioned the word law,constitution, 1st, 4th 6th, 10th ammendments, liberty,freedom, patriot act, policy ……most people talked about universal healthcare,charisma, character, passion, bill clinton, specialinterest, terrorism, …obama is not the leader of a movement, but a mass wave that will wreak destruction, for they knkow not what they doit was “anybody but bush”, now it’s “anybody but a republican”……that’s crazy.i have called hundreds of people and heard a hundred times that ron paul will not get the nomination but they would vote for him……the point is that this is self-defeating…….good job people… will be very disappointed in your choice…not to worry a democrat will win….

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Bad ballots!!!! Invalid!

Posted by Jesse on February 9, 2008

Thousands of state primary votes invalid
By Associated Press

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – Thousands of ballots being cast in Washington’s presidential preferential primary are invalid because voters aren’t signing a ballot oath identifying themselves as a Democrat or a Republican, Secretary of State Sam Reed said Friday.

Reed said that while some people may just forget to do it, or may be purposefully skipping voting in the presidential race and voting on special elections being held in 36 of the state’s 39 counties, he thinks many are protesting the requirement that they declare themselves loyal to a party for the Feb. 19 election.

“I think this is really indicative of the attitude of Washington state voters, who are these populist voters who refuse, as a matter of principle, to be put in that box,” he said.

In King County, elections spokeswoman Bobbie Egan said that of the 120,000 ballots returned so far, between 20 percent and 25 percent did not check the appropriate box on the back and sign the oath “either because voters forgot, or in protest.”

Egan said each voter received an insert with each ballot that explained the rules.

Read the rest here.

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Ron Paul @ 21% in Washington State

Posted by Jesse on February 9, 2008

37% of the vote in, Huck 27%, McCain 23%, Ron 21%.

UPDATE!Ron Paul not the frontrunner!! Reported numbers specific to the county, not the entire state. Sorry!!

Go Ron!!

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