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Price Inflation on the Way. Auto bailout not helping.

Posted by Jesse on December 14, 2008

excerpts from Rockwell on the Auto Bailout

….To bail them out with tax dollars is an amazing insult to American consumers. What Americans have chosen not to buy, the government is now effectively forcing them to buy. You want a Toyota and paid for it with your money but your government is now saying that you should have bought a Pontiac…

….What is striking about these arguments is how tyrants always use them. Hillary Clinton used to claim that we either pay for her health care program now or pay more later. FDR said we need to support the New Deal now, or else face full-scale socialism later. Actually Hitler was the same way. He justified his entire program on the idea that only National Socialism could stop Bolshevism…..

…..There is only one sure way that you can know that you are on the right side of history, and that is by saying what is true and defending what is right, without exception. It is not left to intellectuals to play political games. Intellectuals are supposed to tell the truth, regardless of the moment. That means, in these days, completely opposing all increases in state power under the cover of “countercyclical policy.

Let evil people take responsibility for their evil policies. Those who know better should stick to the right and true.

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All for your security….or theirs?

Posted by Jesse on February 9, 2008


Sieg Heil, TSA
by Becky Akers

Ah, the Nazis. Modern America knows few epithets more vile. You can insult a man’s mother, wish rape on him, liken him to the hinder part of the alimentary canal. But don’t compare him to Germany’s totalitarians, even if he works for their contemporary counterparts, unless you want a fight – and a frisk from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Darron Derrick was “very late” for his flight out of Tampa International Airport to Detroit. How late? “He checked in 38 minutes before the scheduled departure…”

Back when America was free, passengers who arrived 38 minutes prior to “scheduled departure” were early. But the TSA’s warrantless searches impede travel now, and we serfs are expected to revise our schedules accordingly. Our Rulers “recommend” we waste “at least two hours” in the airport; it’s our own fault if we flout their orders and miss our flight.

Ergo, when our 39-year-old engineer huffed into the airport, he “found a long, snaking line to the security checkpoint…” So he approached “a line attendant.”

… the rest here

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Posted by Jesse on February 6, 2008

Over at the LewRockwell blog Mr Ostrowski point out the obvious. In this day and age we need people like Mr Ostrowski more than ever.

We want change!
Posted by James Ostrowski at February 6, 2008 11:08 AM
So we vote for 33-year Washington insider Hillary Clinton and 26-year Washington insider John McCain.


The Ron Paul blackout on ABC’s covergae last night (I get four channels) of the Super Tuesday result was so blatant it makes me sick. Who’s the frontrunner? Must be McCain, that’s who you should be voting for!
Ron Paul? Never heard of him. Don’t know anything about him. Doesn’t he believe 9/11 was an inside job? I thought that guy was crazy?

I really thought that making Ron Paul’s case wouldn’t be too hard. I mean, he has a great record! Just read what the man has to say! Challenging? Sure. But the uphill battle against the mainstream media’s portrayal of him has been very difficult. And the blackout is the worst. They use this tactic primarily because smears won’t work. What is there to smear? And they can’t engage in actual debate, just the squabbling that people are sick of!

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Another in depth look at Ron Paul and claims of bigotry.

Posted by Jesse on January 17, 2008

It’s long but worth a read. Over at

“While I strongly believe that Paul did not write the newsletter material quoted in the TNR article, for reasons I will discuss below, it should nonetheless be noted that a good bit of what TNR holds up as oh-my-God!-shocking actually is… not. For example, criticism of Israeli policies, or concern about the influence of the Israeli lobby upon U.S. foreign policy, is not anti-Semitic. Nor is opposition to foreign aid to Israel, especially in the context of Paul’s opposition to all foreign aid.

Similarly, criticism of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and Yale’s sordid Skull and Bones society is surely not outside the bounds of respectable discourse. And concern about an “industrial-banking-political elite” is hardly sinister; jeez, what intelligent non-Establishment political observer doesn’t worry about some variant or other of this? Isn’t that essentially what Eisenhower was warning about in his famous “military-industrial complex” speech?

And when did it become “paranoia” to oppose the Federal Reserve System and to support a gold standard instead of easily-inflated paper currency?”


“TNR claims one article “had kind words” for Klan nutball David Duke. Upon actually reading it, however, one finds no “kind words” for Duke (though the short article is somewhat obnoxious). Rather, the article — written immediately after Duke’s shocking 44 percent showing in the 1990 Louisiana Senate primary — examines Duke’s strategy of building a populist movement against high taxes, big government, and welfare, as a possible model for other candidates without Duke’s nasty background and racist views. Tellingly, TNR fails to quote a later newsletter at their site that denounces Duke as “an adherent of the violent philosophy of the KKK” and wonders why the media spends so much time attacking the politically impotent Duke and tiny bands of skinheads instead of going after the likes of Oliver North “who has done much more damage to America than a few scattered fascists.” TNR, in full smear mode, ignores such nuances.

To point out such misrepresentations and exaggerations — and there is much more — is not mere nitpicking, nor is it an attempt to excuse the genuinely vile stuff that TNR has uncovered. It is important because TNR pads the article with such material to back up its claim that the newsletters show “decades worth of obsession with conspiracies … and deeply held bigotry against blacks, Jews, and gays.” However, all the nasty, damning quotes TNR gives — the legitimate meat of their article — appeared sporadically over a narrow, specific time-period: about fifteen issues from very late 1989 to 1993 — about three years, not “decades.” (Comments sympathetic to the militia movement, none bigoted, appear in a couple of 1994 and 1995 issues.)”

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