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Political Peer Pressure – and Continuity as “Change”

Posted by Jesse on March 13, 2009

“Every state should be laser-focused right now on one issue: jobs, jobs, jobs,”

….”This rejection is less about the people of South Carolina than it is Sanford’s political ambitions,”  said O’Malley, vice chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

Maybe the vice chairman should go get a real job and stop playing political bully. I wonder what political ambitions he’s talking about? Afraid of a little competition? Of course he is.

South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, the No. 3 House Democrat, dismissed Sanford’s move as “100 percent political posturing.”

Oh really? And I wonder what Clyburn is getting out of the stimulus? More votes for bringing home the artifical bacon? It sounds to me like these Keynesian schills think Sanford is committing political suicide. So what are they so worried about? Oh right. Jobs. Well, like I said, go get a real job and leave the social engineering to people and out of the reach of political whim and the long arm of the law.

I always look forward to a new installment by Jack Hunter – aka The Southern Avenger – and wasn’t surprised that he dedicated a whole youtube clip to the SC Governnor. I don’t claim to know anything about Mark Sanford and I care nothing for party politics, but I understand very clearly what Hunter is saying and that Sanford has presented himself as a man to be reckoned with. PS- Jindal sucks.

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Political Independence and Inevitability

Posted by Jesse on January 10, 2009

The Moral Promise of Political Independence {MP3}

@ College of Charleston in South Carolina [April 1995]


This list of open letters may provide some answers to the questions people have about Ron Paul and how his platform should be applied and interpreted.

Open Letters on Behalf of Ron Paul


Middle of the Road Policy Leads to Socialism {Mp3}


Rothbard As Historian : Liberty vs Power

“My own basic perspective on the history of man ….is to place central importance on the great conflict which is eternally waged between Liberty and Power …. I see the liberty of the individual not only as a great moral good in itself … but also as the necessary condition for the flowering of all the other goods that mankind cherishes: moral virtue, civilization, the arts and sciences, economic prosperity. But liberty has always been threatened by the encroachments of power,power which seeks to suppress, control, cripple, tax, and exploit the fruits of liberty and production. And power is almost always centered in and focused on that central repository of power and violence: the state.
… I see history as centrally a race and conflict between “social power”, the productive consequences of voluntary interactions among men, and state power. In those eras of history when liberty, social power, has managed to race ahead of state power and control, the country and even mankind have flourished. In those eras when state power has managed to catch up with or surpass social power, mankind suffers or declines.”



Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) discusses the expansion of the American empire after the collapse of the Soviet Union, how empires lead to the loss of liberty, security and wealth, and long term prospects of the current financial downturn.

MP3 here. (23:43)



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HA! Good idea!

Posted by Jesse on January 18, 2008

Lew Rockwell writes on the blog:

Bush To Spend Even More, as a ‘Stimulus’
George the Keynesian proposes to spend even more money, to give a welfare check to most Americans, so they will spend it. He calls this a “stimulus.” In fact, nothing can stop the horrendous crisis the central bank and its enablers have visited upon us. All the government can do is cut spending, cut taxes, cut regulations, and stop inflating. Bush does the opposite, but you can help if you get a check. Save it or spend it on gold rather than consumption. You will thereby help yourself and the economy.

BTW, what Bush calls a “tax-cut” is nothing of the sort. He is increasing spending as revenues fall, thereby increasing an already crazed deficit. If he cut spending by $145 billion, and gave a $145 billion tax cut, that would be a small help. For a really significant cut, make it $1.45 trillion. That wouldn’t stop the recession, but it would shorten it, and lay the groundwork for genuine prosperity. Only Ron Paul knows economics among the candidates, and would do the right thing. We are damned to something that could be the Great Depression Jr. under anybody else.

UPDATE from George A. Barnes: “I’ve got an idea about this whole Bush ‘stimulus’ package. I’ve always heard that judo used the effort of the opponent against them. Why don’t we use the effort of the Neocon Stimulus Package against them? In other words, let’s get every Ron Paul supporter to commit to send whatever ‘rebate’ we get from Washington right on over to Ron Paul’s Campaign and use the very power of their money against them, to defeat their agenda.

“I will gladly be the first to commit to send my funny money rebate to Dr. Paul. (I’m maxed out but my wife still has some room.) Let’s make a REAL Stimulus Package……”

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Ron Paul: POW/MIA

Posted by Jesse on January 18, 2008
Why has Ron Paul received more donations from active-duty soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines than any other Republican presidential candidate?

It’s simple. Throughout his career, Ron has proven his patriotism by supporting a strong national defense and fighting for the rights of veterans.

Most importantly, all veterans – and all other citizens – would have confidence that with Paul as commander-in-chief, soldiers would never be put into harm’s way unless America’s national security were at stake. Paul has always stood for military readiness, secure borders, and the fair treatment of our troops – never “nation-building,” crusades for democracy, and “peace keeping” at the behest of the U.N.

More Empty Rhetoric for Veterans
by Rep. Ron Paul
Many military veterans were shocked to see that the federal budget for 2006 makes several cuts in veterans benefits and services. Under the proposed budget, the Veterans Administration will increase once again the co-pay cost of prescription drugs, while adding a new annual fee for medical benefits. The budget also calls for the reduction of veterans home funding and limits the number of VA nursing home beds. Some members of Congress have even suggested rewriting the definition of “veteran” in a way that could deny VA health benefits for millions of retired servicemen.

Unfortunately, the trust that members of our armed forces put in their government has been breached time and time again, and the recent budget vote represents another blow to veterans. Even as we send hundreds of thousands of soldiers into Iraq, Congress can’t get its priorities straight.

Our invasion of Iraq will swell the ranks of our combat veterans, many of whom will need medical care as they grow older. Sadly, health issues arising from the first war with Iraq still have not been addressed. Congress should immediately end the silence and formally address Gulf War Syndrome, which has had a devastating impact on veterans who served in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. As a medical doctor, I believe the syndrome is very real, and likely represents several different maladies caused by exposure to conditions specific to the Gulf region at the time. Congress and the VA should stop insulting Gulf War veterans and recognize that the syndrome is a serious illness that needs treatment. We can only hope and pray that our soldiers in Iraq today do not suffer from similar illnesses in the future.

It’s easy to talk about honoring veterans and their sacrifices, even while the federal government treats veterans badly. Congress wastes billions of dollars funding countless unconstitutional programs, but fails to provide adequately for the men and women who carry out the most important constitutional function: national defense.

We can best honor both our veterans and our current armed forces by pursuing a coherent foreign policy. No veteran should ever have to look back and ask himself, “Why were we over there in the first place?” Too often history demonstrates that wars are fought for political and economic reasons, rather than legitimate national security reasons. Supporting the troops means never putting them in harm’s way unless America is truly threatened.

Today’s American soldiers are the veterans of the future, and they should never be sent to war without clear objectives that serve definite American national security interests. They should never fight at the behest of the United Nations or any other international agency. They should never serve under a UN flag, nor answer to a UN commander. They deserve to know that they fight for the American people and the Constitution, and that the decision to send them into battle was made by their own Congress via an express declaration of war – NOT by UN bureaucrats who don’t care about them.

Only by using American troops judiciously and in service of the Constitution can we avoid the kind of endless military entanglements we witnessed in Korea and Vietnam. We honor our veterans by ensuring that their service to the nation is never in vain.
About Veterans for Paul
This site was started by Mark Anderson to support Congressman Ron Paul. We believe that there is no greater way to support everybody, including veterans, than by supporting liberty and free markets. It is through government intervention in the marketplace that the consumer gets pummeled, since the government doesn’t sustain itself by satisfying consumer demands.

Problems inhere in all government programs, corporate entities that the government subsidizes, and in industries enjoying government protections through things such as occupational licensing laws. Until nobody is allowed to legally plunder other people through government manipulation of the market, and must earn their income by satisfying consumer demands, these problems will continue on unabated.

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