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Another response to David, in my own words

Posted by Jesse on January 20, 2009

If you haven’t read the last response, it’s a compilation of various articles that explain the problems with the Estate tax among others.

ugh. it’s just so distasteful in my opinion.

david wants the estate tax for what reason?

“The government has to tax somebody”

but for what exactly? the answer is never specifically given. i assume it is because david assumes that any wealth laying around that he and his friends deem as being unproductive or excess is up for grabs.

and who better to target than people who have more wealth? and people who may have a harder time putting up a fight at that, such as the deceased.

david’s support for such measures is hindered by “wealthy anti-tax hawks and ignorant poor people”

but not to worry….”It is unlikely to cause significant harm to anybody”, therefore it’s justified.

the conclusion reasons that another purpose of the estate tax, presumably, is to reduce income inequality, especially since this wealth disparity has been rising over the years

(don’t bother trying to explain why this is so and targeting that issue, the issue here is the estate tax and 101 reasons it should exist – *yes, it’s called sarcasm).

why not just reduce the burden on the poor instead of taking from the rich to bring about a more balanced “equality”?

I can only hope that David’s underlying philosophy advocates taking that money from the wealthy for the purpose of helping the general welfare and maybe even to educate “the ignorant poor people”, (even though I  see this action as a perpetuation of injustice, not any kind of vindication; not to mention the argument that such moneys will never efficiently be used for such purposes).

I don’t feel secure with the idea that government can take from some and then will send those moneys to those that truly need it. I feel much more secure when people commit to the idea that government and others should be prohibited from stealing. (isn’t that the very reason government is instituted?)


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Improving society with capital not statism

Posted by Jesse on December 30, 2008


Middle-of-the-Road Policy Leads to Socialism

This audio essay was read by Gennady Stolyarov II. This address was delivered before the University Club of New York, April 18, 1950. [29:29]

What we need is neither anti socialism nor anti communism, but an open positive endorsement of that system to which we owe all the wealth that distinguishes our age from the comparatively straitened conditions of ages gone by.”

Ron Paul shows his understanding of the “Third Way” [mp3]:

The cliché “Third Way” has been used to define the so-called compromise between the conventional wisdom of the conservative and liberal firebrands. This nice-sounding compromise refers to the noisy rhetoric we hear not only in the US Congress but also in Britain, Germany, and other nations as well. The question, though, remains: Is there really anything new being offered? The demand for bipartisanship is nothing more than a continuation of the Third Way movement of the last several decades.

The effort always is to soften the image of the authoritarians who see a need to run the economy and regulate people’s lives, while pretending not to give up any of the advantages of the free market or the supposed benefits that come from a compassionate-welfare or socialist government. It’s nothing more than political have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too deception.



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“The destruction of culture is Progress”

Posted by Jesse on December 5, 2008

Wow. Personally, I’m appalled.

I tried to explain, but I just don’t know how else to say it at this point.

Maybe it’s time for a nice deductive rebuttal.


I have found an author (Gregory Johnson) who has phrased the objections I posed in a more definite, but similar, manner:

The strength of Hegel’s dialectic is that it is based on the insight that we learn from our mistakes. Dialectic is a process by which we test the adequacy of our concepts by thinking them through in
concrete contexts, causing them to yield up their contradictions and ambiguities and encouraging us to come up with more adequate – that is to say, more coherent – concepts. The weakness of Hegel’s dialectic, especially as it has been appropriated by Marxists, is that it can be mistaken for an abstract method or recipe which can be detached from the concrete, historical and empirical investigations that it depends upon and turned into a perverse sort of irrational “rationalism” in which the dialectician “deduces” social phenomena and historical processes through “negating” their antecedents.

Of course there are many other individuals who may also take issue with such nonsense, but a broader analysis in related material can be found in Mises work: Economics and the Revolt Against Reason

Geist, the mythical prime mover, operates according to a definite plan. He leads mankind through various preliminary stages to the final bliss of socialism. Every stage is the product of a certain state of technology; all its other characteristics are the necessary ideological superstructure of this technological state. Geist causes man to bring about in due time the technological ideas adequate to the stage in which he lives, and to realize them. All the rest is an outgrowth of the state of technology. The hand-mill made feudal society; the steam-mill made capitalism.[9] Human will and reason play only an ancillary role in these changes. The inexorable law of historical development forces men-independently of their wills-to think and to behave according to the patterns corresponding to the material basis of their age. Men fool themselves in believing that they are free to choose between various ideas and between what they call truth and error. They themselves do not think; it is historical providence that manifests itself in their thoughts.

This quote reaffirms my conclusion, an obvious one indeed, that this hegelian dialect is fatalistic to its core. The only aspect of human civilization that is served and can lay claim to “progress” under such assumptions are institutions and organizations that carry in its life-blood, the nature of the state.

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DC Indymedia needs some education.

Posted by Jesse on January 12, 2008

[Beware!! Rant !! Rant!!]
So does Chomsky. But hey, everyone has a different opinion, right? I guess one should ask what the price of that opinion is. Everyone is aware that free speech may just be one of an opinion, but say it to the wrong person at the wrong time and it could cost you your life. Not exactly free anymore is it? Life is great and dandy, but it’s also serious business..unfortunately. So, education is the key.  Naturally. Try living where I live (Maine) without shelter, a wood stove, or oil heat. You would have to be educated about the forces at work. And you would have to work to produce what you need to survive. Why can’t I just ask the government to pay for it?  Just like James Bovard says near the end of the film, America: Freedom to Fascism (Aaron Russo). “People have been taught to believe that the government is a great, necessary force for good. They should be taught to recognize it as one of the most dangerous forces they will encounter in their life.” So just as there are contrary truths, nature is beautiful but brutal, government is necessary but evil, Chomsky is seen as anarchist but is not in favor of property rights?! How does that add up? I gave a quick comment on Indymedia regarding chomsky and paul. The force that Paul fights is statism. In human affairs it is on a similar level to Mother Nature. Once the tide starts rolling or the wind starts blowing how do you stop it? Once the government establishes itself how does one direct it? When a program comes into existence how do you abolish it? The difference is that statism is a human affair and we have the power to stop it. Mother nature will always rule over us. If we learn to tame earth we still have the rest of the solar system to deal with.

It just frustrates me so much that they are trying to marginalize him because they don’t like his live and let live philosophy.

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