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Stossel: Gov’t officials are crying “Crisis!” Is this right?

Posted by Jesse on March 15, 2009

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Political Peer Pressure – and Continuity as “Change”

Posted by Jesse on March 13, 2009

“Every state should be laser-focused right now on one issue: jobs, jobs, jobs,”

….”This rejection is less about the people of South Carolina than it is Sanford’s political ambitions,”  said O’Malley, vice chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

Maybe the vice chairman should go get a real job and stop playing political bully. I wonder what political ambitions he’s talking about? Afraid of a little competition? Of course he is.

South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, the No. 3 House Democrat, dismissed Sanford’s move as “100 percent political posturing.”

Oh really? And I wonder what Clyburn is getting out of the stimulus? More votes for bringing home the artifical bacon? It sounds to me like these Keynesian schills think Sanford is committing political suicide. So what are they so worried about? Oh right. Jobs. Well, like I said, go get a real job and leave the social engineering to people and out of the reach of political whim and the long arm of the law.

I always look forward to a new installment by Jack Hunter – aka The Southern Avenger – and wasn’t surprised that he dedicated a whole youtube clip to the SC Governnor. I don’t claim to know anything about Mark Sanford and I care nothing for party politics, but I understand very clearly what Hunter is saying and that Sanford has presented himself as a man to be reckoned with. PS- Jindal sucks.

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Ron Paul: “More earmarks, More transparency”

Posted by Jesse on March 11, 2009

Cutting through all the bickering and revealing the importance and purpose of earmarks tells a lot more about the function and actions of our elected leaders than bickering over who spent what when.

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Obama is the long-term stimulus package.

Posted by Jesse on March 9, 2008

a response……
it is documented that he will be a big spender. inflation will rise as will taxes. how many foreign policy wounds can we bear while we are experiencing domestic issues that are continuing to be a nuisance. if a larger war breaks out …..what will he do…. and how will that affect the economy here?

i am concerned. i can see what you mean about approach, and PR is good, but it’s not the truth, and i think that’s what the people need right now. i feel like obama is just a phamaceutical for discomfort and fails to address the cause and give a real diagnosis.

with regards to the top-down as opposed to bottom-up. what i see is similar, but with a twist. barack is taking the people in the opposite direction than we should be going. he is reinstating faith in government when we should be taking the power back to more localized levels. so he is sort of like a long term stimulus package.



The system is in crisis. We simply can’t afford to police the world, and we’re going bankrupt in the attempt. At the present rate of deterioration, the economic foundations of American imperialism are approaching collapse – and we’re looking at a very short time-frame, as such things go.

The economic and social consequences of such a reckless policy are staring us in the face, and this brings to mind another quote from the prescient Garrett:

“No doubt the people know they can have their Republic back if they want it enough to fight for it and to pay the price. The only point is that no leader has yet appeared with the courage to make them choose.”

We’re in a crisis, alright, a crisis of leadership – or the lack of it. Where is the politician who will challenge the War Party, and take his fight all the way to the end, however bitter it may be? When Obama, for example, is denied the nomination, when we all know he won it fair and square – when the super-delegates crown Queen Hillary with laurel leaves and proclaim “Hail, Clinton!” – what will the Obama-maniacs do? What, for that matter, will Obama do?

There’s talk that Hillary will offer him the vice-presidency (certainly she’d never accept a subordinate role), but I don’t believe that’s any longer possible: the red phone ad pretty much says Obama isn’t to be trusted with that phone, and that rules him out for the number two spot on the ticket.

If Obama is really the leader of our dreams, the messiah figure who lives up to our completely unreasonable expectations, and is fated to deliver us from the evil that’s enveloped us for the past eight years, he’ll launch an independent bid for the White House. Of course, it won’t happen: but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen.

And yet, it could happen: anything can happen, especially in this volatile season. A popular movement demanding that he run, a backlash against the Old Politics and the beginning of a new era of tumult and rising opposition to the Powers That Be – can it happen?

Our answer must be: Yes, it can …

[you got it justin]


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Outstanding Statement to Bernanke

Posted by Jesse on February 27, 2008

This is what a leader is supposed to do.
A leader is not supposed to micromanage every aspect of human life.
A leader is supposed to lend guidance. Set examples and preach principle.
This is what Ron Paul does.

Below is Ron Paul’s opening statement

Ron Paul is right! Bernanke concede the point!

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