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A Powerful perspective on “Illegal” Immigration

Posted by Jesse on January 30, 2009

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The Kelo Case – Private Property Taken for the ‘Greater Good’

Posted by Jesse on January 20, 2009

This is just down the road from where I lived for a time

See Institute for Justice Youtube Channel

Here’s a more uplifting story, but with the same consistent message:



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Nightly News Propaganda on Inflation

Posted by Jesse on December 23, 2008

Watching the mainstream media is intolerable, but I do watch it when it’s convenient and always find more evidence for my convictions. For example:

A piece on an African Nation displayed two numbers on screen, giving the impression they are connected.

  1. The unemploymet rate of %90.
  2. An unfathomable rate of inflation.

That was it. No other numbers. No further explanation. My immediate thought was: Why does this apply only in Africa and not to the United States?

Oh that’s right, because we don’t have inflation in the US. The Federal Reserve maintains a %2 inflation rate by “fighting inflation.” Really. LoL.

Do you realize that the Federal Reserve actually exists to inflate?

Government Meddling With Money

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Typical BS.

Posted by Jesse on December 7, 2008


Government grows, defense industry makes a killing(?), foreign nations are bombed with tax $, dictators are sent billion $ checks from the white house, taxes go up, inflationary pressures increase, meanwhile…..the domestic economy takes a big hit.

I know that people are only human, so to speak, but to continue believing that government is going to save the nation, because “hey, they must know more than the avg bear”, is the same thinking that has essentially gotten the people into this mess.

they do not ask people to pay for the services. the government takes the money first, and then demands more again later. what business works that way? only criminal ones

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the anxiety of influence

Posted by Jesse on October 20, 2008

i tried to comment of another blog and had trouble yet again. any idea why i keep getting this

You need to sign in

You need to sign in to to complete this process.

You should use a bookmark or type in the address to do this. This page does not contain any links, to protect you from phishing.

i am signed in!! you stupid website!!
anyway….i tried to respond to a post without success…so i’ll do it here.
the blogger admits:
“I am a competent bank teller so I’m a whiz at counting and doling out cash, but beyond those and similarly simple financial transactions I am typically woefully ignorant.
“Krugman is a self-professed liberal….so his political bent aligns with mine”
ok, fine so far….except…and until…this:
“he’s (Krugman) a brilliant economist”
uh huh….makes sense right? lol.
maybe it might help to check out this article for a more comprehensive explanation

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